Plug-In Hybrid Pickup To Get 100 MPG, Sticker Of Calvin Peeing On Our Foreign Oil Dependency

Motor maker Raser Technologies will team up with utility provider PG&E for a pickup truck that can get 100 MPG, according to the company's press release. The plug-in hybrid utilizes full battery power for the first 40 miles, then lets a gas-powered generator kick in enough juice for another 300 miles. Through the process of simple arithmetic, the truck has a total range of 340 miles on a full tank/charge.

Jalopnik Snap Judgment: speculates the truck Raser plans to convert is a Chevy Silverado, mostly due to the drivetrain's similarities to the Chevy Volt. We're inclined to agree with our good buddy Mike Levine over there if only for the reason that the internal drawings look just like a Silverado. We've also got to admit, a full-size truck capable of 100 MPG, even if they only make a few of them at a very high price, would be an impressive proof-of-concept for investors or OEMs. Hint, Hint.



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