The embattled No. 8 Starworks Motorsport Prototype Challenge car, whose color was deemed “Please Don’t Hit Me Pink” by owner Peter Baron to Sportscar365, crashed again. However, it hasn’t been hit so much as it’s done the hitting. Most recently, it ate a barrier under a yellow flag, where traffic should (in theory) be slowing down for poor conditions.

Near the very end of a painfully long one-hour, 41.5-minute yellow flag for foul weather, the Starworks N0. 8 smacked the wall once again. Fortunately, driver Chris Cumming was fine, and was able to limp his wounded car back to the pits.


The yellow flag was ultimately ended with 7 hours and 30 minutes left in the race, with jet dryers coming out to dry portions of the race track. The bus stop had to be bypassed briefly in order to give the track’s jet dryers space to work, and the yellow flag period lasted so long that the pace car had to be swapped out because it was running out of fuel.

Now that we’re back to green, it’s become a bit of a spinfest in the damp conditions. But if you opted to nap during the yellow flag, you didn’t miss much, as cars were kept in a conga line behind the safety car forever.

UPDATE [8:08 a.m.]: Pinky just went off again with six hours and 22 minutes left in the race at the bus stop, spinning into the grass. (As you do.)

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