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Formula One cars are pretty rad, as are sweet tire-destroying donuts. Fortunately, Red Bull keeps its V8-powered RB7 car around to show off. “This thing’s sick” is perhaps the biggest understatement of the year.

The Hoonigans got the full walkaround of Red Bull’s show car at SEMA this year, which even played the Star-Spangled Banner in delightful V8 engine noises for good measure.


Current Red Bull F1 driver Max Verstappen was on hand to explain the steering wheel and kill tires. Clearly, the most important feature on that wheel is the traction control setting of “1,” which is almost entirely off—for donuts, of course.

Verstappen also puts the great debate of all time to rest: donuts or burnouts? He’s a donut man, of course.

Please, Formula One, indulge my basest redneck desires more often. Kill tires. Kill more tires. And then kill some other tires for good measure. Tires must be destroyed.

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