Please, Enjoy The Fact That Nico Hülkenberg Washes His Own Porsche

Force India Formula One driver and Le Mans winner Nico Hülkenberg isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, or sudsy for that matter. Here’s photographic evidence of him washing his own car like a regular, responsible human being.


Shoot, I don’t even wash my own car very often anymore. I’m definitely an irresponsible human being, but I also know that I’ll get hung up on some random speck of grime and never make it past one wheel, so I usually hand off the task to someone a little less obsessive.

I’m more than happy to let Nico Hülkenberg wash my car, if he wants. He’s a huge improvement over gas station wash-bots and sweaty teenagers trying to fund mission trips to Nicaragua, that’s for sure.

Photo credit: The Hulk

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