Force India Formula One driver and Le Mans winner Nico HĆ¼lkenberg isnā€™t afraid to get his hands dirty, or sudsy for that matter. Hereā€™s photographic evidence of him washing his own car like a regular, responsible human being.

Shoot, I donā€™t even wash my own car very often anymore. Iā€™m definitely an irresponsible human being, but I also know that Iā€™ll get hung up on some random speck of grime and never make it past one wheel, so I usually hand off the task to someone a little less obsessive.

Iā€™m more than happy to let Nico HĆ¼lkenberg wash my car, if he wants. Heā€™s a huge improvement over gas station wash-bots and sweaty teenagers trying to fund mission trips to Nicaragua, thatā€™s for sure.


Photo credit: The Hulk

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