Playing Gran Turismo Sport Will Count Toward A Real Racing Career

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The days of the “Kids, quit playing video games and go outside!” stereotype may just be over, because the new Gran Turismo Sport video game could land those kids in a real race car. A new partnership with the FIA means that in-game progress can now count toward a racing license with the association.

Gran Turismo Sport doesn’t come out until November, so the stereotype is safe for a few more months. The partnership with the FIA somewhat mirrors the GT Academy, which allows some of the best Gran Turismo players to compete for the opportunity to drive a real race car. Carfection reports in the video below that the game will track not only skills behind the wheel, but also track etiquette:

On top of that, the PlayStation YouTube account shared a preview of the FIA Gran Turismo Championship that will go along with the game:

It’ll be a while before we see just how the partnership and licensing will play out between gamers and the FIA. But considering the astronomical costs of pursuing a career in motorsports, being able to knock certain aspects of it out in a video game—without the cost of wrecks, mechanical issues, parts and just buying a car—could open the opportunity for a wider array of competitors. Purchasing a gaming setup fit to race isn’t cheap, but it’s far cheaper than running real races.


Of course, droves of Gran Turismo players making it into the big leagues of racing in the real would be optimistic thinking. But it will make for a fun pastime that can actually pay back, and perhaps mom won’t have to yell as much.