Pilot Saves Plane After Engine Fails Seconds After Takeoff

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A camera mounted under the tail of a private, single-engine plane captured dramatic footage when the plane's engine quit after barely getting off the ground. The pilot, Ed Bullion skillfully turned the plane back and was able to land it in a muddy field near the runway.


The incident occurred earlier this month at Pitt Meadows Regional Airport, near Vancouver, B.C. The pilot expressed his thoughts online, telling friends:

'I am very thankful that I was able to land the airplane in that circumstance and that no one was killed or injured. At the same time, it reminds me that anything in life can happen unexpectedly. So while everything is going fine, enjoy it to the fullest!'


It would have been better if The DailyMail hadn't overlaid their stupid dramatic music and had just left the raw sounds from the flight, but this is all we have right now. If someone finds a music-free version of this video, I'll gladly swap it.

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If he had done a proper climb out on liftoff he'd likely have been in better shape with more options after his engine loss. Also, the standard rule is don't turn back because you'll likely be going for a downwind landing and could experience a stall on the turn to final. It does look like winds were pretty calm so that may have helped him a bit. All that said, glad he and his passengers made it back OK .