Piero Taruffi's 1952 Land Speed Record-Breaking Double Bullet

Jalopy Journal has a transcription of an article which ran in a 1952 copy of Mechanix Illustrated detailing the land speed record run of one Piero Taruffi, and his Double Bullet race car. Taruffi's car used a 1.7-liter four-cylinder Maserati engine running a chain drive mounted on one side of the car, with him mounted in the other. All four wheels rode on a longitudinally mounted, fully independent suspension (unlike the cutaway in the gallery used for illustration) and carried Peiro to a crushing world record in the 2-liter class.
A run average of 298.507 KPH (185.5 MPH) bested the previous record by 14 KPH (8.7 MPH). Taruffi hoped to use this record to segue into a sponsorship for a car with a similar design to run in the the Indianapolis 500, but we found no evidence that ever happened. Still, a darn interesting car and some neat history. [Jalopy Journal]


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