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Apparently "a miscommunication between line handlers aboard the containership MSC Ilona and those at terminal 4 in the Port of Baltimore" ended with what looks like an older Toyota Tacoma dangling off the ship's deck like the most useless anchor ever.

Ocean-cargo news site gCaptain says a worker on the pier put this line on the bumper of his truck, with the intention of using the truck to untie it. I'm not really sure how that was going to work in the first place, but it didn't matter because apparently somebody driving the ship started running the winches and somehow yanked the truck straight into the drink.

Can somebody who's familiar with the operation of ships like this explain why this might have happened? Also not sure if the life preserver got tossed in there as a joke or what.

gCaptain reports the truck's owner "suffered minor injuries to his leg" bailing out the pickup, so he must have got out before the vehicle was hurled toward the sea. Right?


Images by Captain J. C. Traut used with permission from gCaptain

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