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"Le Bistrot du Lion" is the latest in mobile coffee-and-croissant technology from Peugeot's Design Lab. It's got a deep fryer, fancy espresso machine, and a DJ booth.

The vehicle was built as an attraction for the 2015 World's Fair, Expo Milano (theme: "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life") where it will serve up to 30 people at a time, who can hang out at tables under cute umbrellas that will surround it.

Chef Sven Chartier from allegedly well-known Paris eateries Saturne and Le Clown Bar will be spinning the hot plates while DJs bump beats. A giant TV and speaker set will be hooked up to the kitchen to broadcast Chartier's chopping skills and amplify sizzle sounds from cooking surfaces. No, really!

This particular project is obviously more of a design and promotional exercise than an indication of "future food trucks," but I've been wondering when the greasy Grumman box rigs dispensing tacos around Brooklyn will be gentrified into fancy glass-and-chrome slabs just like the real restaurants in town.


Anybody see a market for high-end luxury food trucks?

Peugeot actually got their industrial start in the food-prep business, sort of. Around 1810 they converted a family grain mill to make saw blades, and throughout the 1800's Peugeot was selling off agricultural equipment to build their first bicycle in 1882. Shortly after that the first Peugeot car came off something like an assembly line and the company's stuck with wheels ever since.


Hat tip to Toni!

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