Peugeot MoVille Concept Takes Teardrop Styling To New Level

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It looks like something you'd expect to see at the Tokyo Auto Show, but this Peugeot MoVille concept rendering is actually Woo-Ram Lee's entry in a design contest put on by Peugeot. The competition pits designers from all over the world against each other, with the winner having his or her car (or whatever you want to call it) built in full-scale form. Last year's winner, the Flux, is now even available as a download to drive around in Project Gotham Racing 4. As for this MoVille, we're not so sure we'd want to race it online against taurine-saturated gamers, but the teardrop shape sure does put an elegantly French spin on the trendy omnidirectional future-pod shape.
In the end, despite such innovations as solar-powered electric propulsion, the MoVille will likely be just another design student's insomnia-induced daydream. Sure, things like this are possible. But do we really expect the entire automotive infrastructure of the western world to change drastically enough to see these zipping down our streets, particularly when politics and whatever other string-pulling is resisting simple things like changes to CAFE standards? Then there's the fact that some of us just don't want to be taxied around by a grinning robo-pod, no matter what. But who knows, maybe when the robot overlords finally take over, we'll be begging for the MoVille, complaining that we're stuck with sloppy-handling Dodge CaliberPods over here in the U.S. [Peugeot via TheDesignBlog, MarksTechnologyNews]


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Reminds me of that goofy pyramid thing some guy built in his garage. Probably 9 months back. The details are vague.