Peugeot Design Contest Down to 10 Needs Your Vote

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Peugeot has developed the nasty habit of giving budding automotive stylists a wild hope that their ideas will make it through a committee of soul-less commodity buyers and federal safety nannies. This is the fourth Peugeot Design Contest and each themed contest has brought out more talent than a San Fernando Valley casting call. Some may say the designs are fanciful; lacking any semblance of existing or production capable technology. I call those people "realists" and there's no place for them in the styling world. It's a bit ridiculous to expect a groundbreaking designs if you have to work with insane constraints like "pneumatic wheels" and "dynamically stable suspensions". The best part is that next year, with hundreds of hours of Photoshop training, half a pound of mushrooms, and a lot of free time, you too can enter the competition with a chance at fabulous prizes and international fame.

Update: Apparently they don't need your vote. They only wanted the unwashed masses to narrow the field, not make the final decision on a winner. I guess that's French democracy for you.

Peugeot Design Contest

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