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Peter Champion: Australian For Morbid Car Enthusiast

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Moments before Australian racing legend Peter Brock died tragically during a rally in Perth, he probably wasn't thinking about what would happen to the car afterward. That's where Peter Champion, owner of the Champion Brock 05 Museum in Yeppooon, Queensland (no joke — look it up!) comes into the picture. He thought it would be a loving tribute to fix the car and charge people up to $15 to view it along with other Brock memorabilia. Champion is hurt that some of Brock's loved ones consider the attraction "macabre," saying "Peter would've been wanting it to happen... because he never believed in destroying anything or getting rid of anything." The car was a Daytona coupe, which now has an Australian fatality rate on par with the Stingray.


Enthusiast 'hurt' by Brock death car reaction [Herald Sun]


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