Pet Buffalo Rides In Car, Drinks Beer

Meet Bailey D. Buffalo Jr., a "tame" 1,600-lb. bison owned by a Canadian family that carries him around via roofless Pontiac Parisienne. It's probably the only instance of a buffalo scalping a chief.

Jim and Linda Sautner of Spruce Grove, Alberta, have owned buffaloes for about a decade; their previous pet Bailey Senior died after a run-in with a piece of agricultural machinery. Bailey Jr. is just two years old, and still has room to grow. The Saunters haul Bailey to rodeos, parades and other locales where people are bison-curious.

Also, apparently, they ride to bars. Where the buffalo drinks. Awesome.

Despite the inherent danger of working around large animals with small brains, Linda Sautner says her husband is "quite the buffalo whisperer," and occasionally gives Bailey a few beers. Just don't let him drive. (Thanks Jackie and Michael!) [Edmonton Journal]

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Xander, Proud of BOXER

This, apparently, is quite common.