This week at TreeHugger: The New York Times reveals the shocking truth and, surprise, surprise, Prius drivers are trying to make a statement. How many middle-class Indians are there in India? Who knows—but they want to drive, and Tata wants to let them. You thought taking the bus to work was green? It's got nothin' on the Buscycle. New CAFE standards are on their way in, but don't raise your glass yet, there's more to consider. The $25,000 "farm and construction" tax credit for SUVs may be lumbering out the door for good. Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has said that his company is forging ahead with lighter, smaller batteries, and that fully electric Nissans might be in the future. GM has made a series of short films for your viewing pleasure, depicting the company's green strides. Facebook wants to help you see pictures from the prom and save the planet by carpooling, too! 185,000 gallons of illicit hooch were confiscated at the Swedish border last year. What to do with it all? Brew it into biofuels, of course.

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