Perspective Shift: Greener Cars From TreeHugger

This week at TreeHugger: The Phoenix electric utility vehicle officially launches with a full eco-celebrity entourage in tow. Starting at $65k each, don't expect them to fly off the lot, but PG&E has already claimed some for its fleet. Does ethanol use lead to vegetarianism? Well, if using cropland to grow fuel makes the price of beef rise, then yes. The Union of Concerned Scientists has designed a 40% more efficient car without any fancy fuel cells, batteries, or hybrid drivetrains, simply by borrowing technologies already divvied up in the market. GoinGreen, the London dealer of electrics cars, has partnered up with top designers of Eley Kishimoto to wrap up the G-Wiz. Artist Franke James literally illustrates her decision to "do the hardest thing first" and ditch the SUV.

[TreeHugger's Perspective Shift roundup appears every Wednesday]


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