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This week at TreeHugger: The good-looking, 41 mpg, continuously variable transmissioned, Tennessee-made 2007 Nisssan Altima hybrid is on its way to eight states. Altair-Technologies' nanotech-based batteries are showing remarkable resilience to charge/discharge cycles, and will be the power under the hood of an electric pickup truck from Phoenix Motorcars, due out this Spring. Just six months in, London's congestion tax is working wonders and may even be spreading. The program, which funnels money from drivers (more from the gas-guzzlers) into public transit programs ought to come as a relief for Londoners who spend half their driving hours stuck in traffic. At the same time, London's mayor wants to see every bus on the city's streets be a diesel hybrid, and Colin Challen, a british MP who chairs the House of Commons climate change group, wants to see a quarter of the space in car ads given over to environmental impact info.

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