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This week at TreeHugger: Venturi, the French maker of surreal but real electric vehicles, including the Fetish, announces that its new Astrolab solar-electric hybrid 2-seater will hit European markets next year. Toyota decides to equip all its new automatic models with an Ecodrive indicator—a control panel light that rewards fuel-friendly driving. Last week's electric chopper is spotted rooting around at this year's NextFest. The BBC's Top Gear takes an in-depth look at GM's new Hywire fuel cell concept, and take it for a spin. Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Honda struts its FCX fuel cell car, proving it packs a punch. The eensy-weensy and ultra clean G-Wiz electric car is spotted on the streets of London. Plus, the seven questions you always wanted to ask about hybrids, like "what about battery life?" (don't worry about it), "will it pay for itself?" (eh...maybe) and "is that the real mileage?" (no, but, then again...), and the Union of Concerned Scientists lays out a glossary of green car lingo from A to Z.

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