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This week at TreeHugger: Toyota debuts a shanzed-up Prius Touring Edition for 2007, and a California developer of green homes sweetens their deals by offering a free hybrid with the purchase of a new house. The eGo Cycle might come as a quieter and less stinky (albeit squarer) alternative to that peppy Vespa. Plug-in hybrids get a huge push as CA's biggest utility rallies the support of over five million customers to convince automakers to make cars with plugs. Phoenix Motorcars, a company that started out with an electric '37 Cabriolet reproduction, is steadily making its way towards freeway-ready electric vehicles for the everyday commute, while Hybrid Technologies struts its lithium electric PT Cruiser. Also, a dense but not to be missed lecture by Oil Endgame guru Amory Lovins, and Toronto newspaper puts two popular car sharing regimes head to head.

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