Perspective Shift: Greener Cars From TreeHugger

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This week at TreeHugger: A Lexus hybrid gets into the line of duty as a police car, a new study finds that hybrids pay for themselves pretty darn fast, and hot-shot engineers build a hot-shot Mini hybrid with in-wheel motors and some very satisfying speed. A two-part post on the Tesla roadster gets in-depth on the workings of this truly groundbreaking vehicle (parts 1 & 2). Biodiesel seekers can now find their fuel with a phone call, the first solar-powered biofuel station opens, and Chevy pimps rides with ethanol at the MTV's Video Music Awards. We check out Fiat's four fuel Siena Tetra Power, go back in time to investigate the extinct gas turbine car, and interview Joel Makower on hybrids. EVs, and his dream car.

[TreeHugger's Perspective Shift roundup appears every Wednesday]


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