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This week at TreeHugger: The small but growing family of diesel motorcycles gets a new sibling and VW adds the affordable 62 mpg Polo Blue Motion diesel to it its pack. A controversial new study demonstrates how, all told, your gruesome Hummer may be more earth friendly than your benevolent Prius, and another shows that eating an Extra Value Meal might be worst of all. A London EV dealerships shows that the electric car is not dead, and that hundreds are silently prowling the streets, dodging gas stations and congestion charges at every turn. For those craving the corny stuff, an ethanol conversion kit is hitting the market. A graduate student in the Netherlands spawns an experimental hydrogen scooter called the Fhybrid with sly, reto, 80s appeal. And the automotive X-Prize launches its website, tempting the brave and creative to reinvent the wheel and, if it's anything like the prize for sub-orbital space travel, rake in a bundle of dough.

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