Perspective Shift: Greener Cars From Treehugger

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This week at TreeHugger: It's become public via an industry insider that Honda's Fit subcompact is indeed on its way in hybrid form and will borrow its powertrain from the Insight, the car with the highest efficiency rating on the road. In other small car news, while examining the Toyota Yaris, the Wall Street Journal spent some quality time on the idea of rethinking vehicle size altogether. The architect Andrew Maynard has taken prefab housing, a TreeHugger favorite, and makes it mobile in his BOB concept. We also learn that BMW has begun using landfill biogas to power a South Carolina plant where it makes the X-series. And lastly, whatever kind of car you drive, this week we share some more of the best gas sipping tips that anyone can put to use right away.

[TreeHugger's Perspective Shift roundup appears every Wednesday]


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