Perspective Shift: Greener Cars From Treehugger

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This week at TreeHugger: Nothing gets people thinking about greener cars quite like freaky high gas prices. This week we point you to a way you can calculate if that hybrid you were eyeing can actually save you money, and a neato hybrid comparison to help you pick from the ever-growing number of choices. We also show you a new national biodiesel map that makes it easier to track down some veg-fuel for your diesel. In England, green driving skills will soon become part of the driving test and the new all-electric Modec delivery van</
a> has hit the streets. We also show you a new electric dirt bike for the shorties. Ford Motors is teaming up with TerraPass to help drivers offset their greenhouse gas emissions. As gas prices rocket upwards, FlexCar, the car share company, set a record for highest usage in a single day. Remember, every car can be a greener car if you use it smarter.

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