It says it right on the People's Curse ballots: Don't vote to crush a car just because it's ahead of you! Still, that's what happened today; the White Lightning RX-7 got the most votes.

Not only that, the second-place Lightning McQueen Jetta got the second-most Curse votes. Now, the People's Curse really is a democracy, so the Mazda was going to get destroyed... unless the people could be persuaded to issue a pardon to the super-clean-driving, not-very-cheaty (and perhaps even totally legit) RX-7.

So, LeMons Chief Perp Jay Lamm appealed to the crowd for mercy on the wrongly accused White Lightning car, and the thumbs-up votes overwhelmed the highly vocal thumbs-down faction. Of course, some car needs to get crushed, and we had three volunteers: the Torqueless Rotards RX-7 (which flipped over yesterday), a head-gasket-challenged BMW E30, and a bedless Ford Ranger.


So White Lightning is back out on the track, and the Lightning McQueen Jetta is a couple laps back. When will the VW make its move? Will the Molde Carlo Chevy get past both? We'll find out!