Pee Can Destroy Light Poles So Apparently We're All Doomed

Urine has been blamed for the structural decay of a San Francisco light pole that crushed a car this week. There was no wind, no storm, just an old, rusty pole. Fortunately, the man inside the car was unharmed.

Dog urine (and hopefully ONLY dog urine) is what likely caused the corrosion of the “extremely thin metal” supporting the pole, and San Franciscans are wondering how many other poles are in danger. The city has put an assessment program in place to evaluate the city’s aging light poles and replace them when necessary. 160 poles have already been replaced on Guerero Street alone after two poles on that street toppled over.


Dog owners, please teach your dogs to use a toilet like civilized human beings. Yeesh.

(via KTVU San Francisco)

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