Pebble Beach V-Dub: Volkswagen Reveals Eos "Highway 1" Edition Concept

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When Volkswagen sent its "Moonraker" project team to a Malibu beach house to suss out how to hook the American car market, it came up with the GX3 three-wheeler, which was subsequently kaboshed by the company's lawyers (likely after a good deal of awkward laughter in the general counsel's office). They also came up with a couple of aftermarket-tuned boy-racer concepts for the SEMA show, and now — right before the Eos cabrio launches in the states, the Eos "Highway 1" concept. Volkswagen unveiled the concept, fittingly, at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, which isn't far from the Pacific Coast Highway after which the prototype special edition is named. The model's got a lowered, aftermarket suspension 20" Mille Miglia alloys a rear spoiler and fat meats courtesy of Continental. Powered by the Eos's top-line engine offering, V-dub's 3.2-liter V6, the Highway 1 has a custom, two-tone interior and piano-black lacquer accents. No doubt the legal team is just fine with this one, though VW has announced no plans to offer it as a package.


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