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Being a Ferrari owner apparently has its perks, one being an invite to the Ferrari North America preview of the 599 Fiorano. We tagged along with Pen to check out the scene and were greeted by some magically delicious Ferrari-branded sportswear-clad ladies, one of whom seemed to take quite the shine to Pen, as she was a Navy brat who used to cut through the Camp Pendleton Marine base on her way to the beach, which was named for one of Pen's relatives, General Joseph Henry Pendleton. Meanwhile, we were disappointed that the 599s in attendance were sporting the upgraded tire and wheel packages, rather than the base Satano-star Pentagram examples. We mean, really, shouldn't the Beelzebubbian initimidation factor be worth a premium? Alternately, the boys in Maranello could pervert Chrysler's slogan: "Ferrari: Lucifer Comes Standard."

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