PCH, You Can Afford A Lamborghini Edition: 1970 or 1971 Espada?

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Fiero-based Fierraris and Fieroborghinis are great (though the vast majority of you went with the Zimmer Quicksilver over the Fierrari in the poll), but a realistic-looking, V8-equipped Fieroborghini can run you over 20 grand. If only you could get a real Lamborghini for that kind of money... ah, but that's just impossible, right? Hell no! This is Project Car Hell, where you can put a finicky Italian supercar in your garage for the price of a new 4-cylinder Camry... or less! Better brush up on your Italian, Giuseppe, because you're gonna be a Lamborghini owner!


How many carburetors does your current Hell Project have? If your answer is less than six, then you're not trying hard enough. What if you could step into your garage and feel the warm glow of a hexacarb Italian V12 raising the temperature? Never mind that the "warm glow" is actually the sensation of a Chlorine Triflouride fire- every time you look at your '71 Lamborghini Espada S2 (go here if the ad disappears), you'll know it's worth every depleted paycheck, every square inch of departed knuckle skin. The seller states "When she was put up she was running great," which would be more reassuring if we could tell how long this Lambo has been sitting. Might be ten years, which would make for an eternity of many entertaining fuel-system-related evenings. How many parts are there in six Webers? All the pain will be worth it if when you get it running, because this car "gets the looks when you park at the local Tasty Freeze." It sounds like most of the parts are there, but you never know when you read ominous statements such as "This is a complete car that I had begun to take apart to restore." Still, a real Espada for 15 grand!

If you're willing to lay out a few more Benjamins- 65 of them, to be exact- you could have an honest-to-god Espada that stands a fair chance of actually running... but there's a catch. No, it's not a Fieroborghini, but The General is involved; what we have here is a '70 Lamborghini Espada with Chevy V8 for $21,500. The engine is described simply as a "CORVETTE MOTOR," which could be anything from a 180-horsepower 1977 350 to a (conservatively rated) 460-horse '70 LS7. We're guessing the former is more likely, but who knows? There's also no mention of the transmission, which we sure hope is a manual. This Espada has been sitting for a while, but only a five years- what could go wrong? It just needs a LIGHT RESTORATION!
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Rob Emslie

I'd like the chevy-powered lambo behind door number two Monte. The major attraction of the Espada - more so than the far-out psychedelic styling - is that glorious V12 engine. The fact that this one is missing its motivator, along with the "I've been taking too many vitamins and my pee is green" color and the bumper over-riders make this a real turd blossom. Add to the fact that you'd be $6,500 further in the hole when starting this odyssey, and it couldn't seem any more like hell if a squadron of imps were poking your ass with pitchforks the entire time.

Also, I'd stay away from the white car as the whole "gets the looks when you park at the local Tasty Freeze." bit sounds too pedophiliac.