We've got a virtual tie in the Playboy Jimmy Versus Heap-O-Triumphs Choose Your Eternity poll, and that's just how we like it. To get such a split, we need to pick two vehicles that trigger roughly equivalent "I must have that!" and "get thee behind me, Satan!" reactions, and today we're shooting for that split with another episode of Ambulance Project Hell. We've had a pair of Project Car Hell Poster Children who achieved that lofty status via, respectively, a '66 Pontiac Ambulance and a '58 Plymouth Ambulance, so we know the ambulance love runs deep here...

These two PCH candidates arrived courtesy of two separate tipsters, and while the Official Tipster T-Shirt Obtainment Rules state that a tipster must send in two Hell Project suggestions that make it into this series, I'm going to go ahead and send out a shirt apiece here.

The German word for "ambulance" is "Krankenwagen." Krankenwagen! I already want my own Krankenwagen, if only for the name. But wait, there's more- it's an Opel Admiral! Believe it or not, a mere 450 Euros (and shipping from Austria) will obtain this beautiful 1972 Opel Admiral ambulance. Ach! I'm going to do a quick translation of the description, which I feel qualified to do in spite of not understanding German: Needs work. Lots of work. Now, before the distance and all the hard-to-get parts and everything else scare you away, just picture yourself rolling down your town's main drag in a restored Admiral Krankenwagen... with a blown small-block Chevy under the hood. Thanks- and a T-shirt- to Franzouse for the tip!

If you're shopping for vintage ambulances, it would be hard to beat a genuine Admiral Krankenwagen in the two most important Project Car Hell departments: coolness and impossibility. But we've got one here that just might achieve that goal- what would say if we told you where to get a 1949 Packard ambulance for just $2000? A genuine Yankenwagen? You'd just laugh, and then we'd say, no, really. And then you'd laugh some more, only with less force, and then you'd stay up all night thinking about that Packard and how much fun you'd have driving it around, and the next day you'd be on the phone to Puyallup (bonus points if you can pronounce it correctly) to make an offer. There's rust. There's a mystery engine in a crate. But you get that wonderfully vintage siren-and-red-lights setup and, well, just look at this thing! Cherry Bombs and fat tires are all it needs... plus some bodywork and probably a new interior and a few other things. Thanks and a T-shirt to Jimmy for the tip!

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