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Most Choose Your Eternity polls give you a choice between two Hell Projects; for example, you can choose between two impossible Czech projects (and, in most cases, you will take the Tatra over the Skoda). However, after we voted on my personal PCH dilemma, another one of our Jalopnik writers went ahead and bought a hellishly cool project car without bothering to consult the readers!


Yes, He Who Shall Remain Nameless (for now) got himself a 1964 suicide-door Continental, yet he's not sure which particular kind of hell he would prefer to have searing the flesh from his bones. This is where you, dear readers, come in! Put on your polling caps and cast your vote for the type of project you think best suits this fine example of Landyachtus Detroitus. Remember, Project Car Hell holds a great- though nearly impossible to attain- completed project as the bait that keeps you toiling in the Lake of Fiyah, so vote for the choice you think has both the hottest flames and the most tantalizing end result. Later on, we'll let the Mystery Lincoln Owner explain what he actually decides to do with his new ride.


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