PCH, Benefits Of Positive Thinking Edition: Cooked Countach or Rusty Rolls?

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Welcome to Project Car Hell, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! Yesterday, we saw a 6.9 Benz face defeat for the first time in Project Car Hell history, a feat that generally requires unholy intervention by the Prince Of Darkness himself, or at least the presence of Citroën badges. We've had a run of affordable Hell Projects lately, and that's fine… but sometimes we need to mainline some optimism and look at spending a few more bucks at the gateway to Gearhead Gehenna.

We've had some PCH Lambos before, including a Diablo, another Diablo, an Urraco, an Espada, and another Espada. But we've never had the most Lamborghini-ish Lamborghini of them all, the ridiculously awesome Countach. Sure sure, the Countach would get eaten up by a lot of not-quite-supercar factory hot rods these days, but you still need one! The problem is finding one that's an affordable project, which isn't easy… but we've managed to find this 1985 Lamborghini Countach for you, and it has a Buy It Now of only $22,500! Heck, that's what you'd pay for a nice Fieroborghini, but it's the real deal! Now, there's a reason for the cheap price tag, and it becomes apparent once you look at photos showing anything other than the car's nose. Turns out there was a bit of an overheating problem, so severe that the entire rear of the car was pretty much obliterated. The engine and transmission are gone, but you can get yourself a replacement V12 right here, and it's only $6,800. Lamborghini purists will hate you, but they already hate you and yours on general principle anyway. As for the missing body panels, you just need to get yourself some readily-available Fieroborghini parts. See, you'll be driving a hideous parody of a genuine Countach in 25 years no time!
What are you, some kind of crass nouveaux riche show-off, looking to come on like David Lee Roth in a silly cocaine-injected 80s Italian supercar? Of course you aren't, and that's why someone of your stature needs a vintage Rolls-Royce leaking forlornly standing proudly in your driveway. The best Rolls to get is one from the immediate postwar era, during which Britain's bombed-to-hell economy was in utter shambles, food rationing was the rule, the Empire was slipping away… and the downtrodden masses were eating mud kicked up by exquisitely crafted luxury machines such as this 1949 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith, driven by a handful of war profiteers who grew fat on the suffering of millions. Now that's a luxury car! Thing is, the decades have taken their toll on this Roller, and you'll have incredible quantities a few parts to replace, and that will might cost a fortune a few bucks. There's not much description, but "The car needs complete restoration" is all you need. Hey, it's only $12,950!