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In the God Save The Queen Edition challenge on Friday, the Lotus Elan used the head-shaped hole in its windshield to secure the win over the super-rare Jensen GT. A UK-versus-UK matchup is a fine thing, but we mustn't forget the other two Project Car Hell Superpowers: Italy and France! In our last PCH Superpower Showdown, Britain claimed the PCH Intergalactic Superchampion trophy (which is the only award in the world that comes with a spun rod bearing); today, we're going to have our first-ever three-way contest, with a trio of sporty GT coupes for your horror enjoyment.


When was the last time you saw a Renault R17 on the street? How about an R17 Gordini? Best of all, an R17 Gordini convertible? Sure, you only got 65 horses from that Franco-Malaise engine, but that's nothing that a firehose-like torrent of money few performance upgrades can't remedy. Head on down to Anaheim and pick up this 1974 Renault R17 Gordini; the auction will be over by the time you're reading this, but we suspect the reserve price won't be reached. This one's got it all- it's been sitting for nearly 15 years, the seller comes right out and says the brake and fuel systems are hopeless, and the finicky-looking pseudo-convertible top (which seems similar in concept to- yet far more complex than- the old Beetle ragtop roof) alone should be good for an eternity of pain. Yet get everything working right and this car would be an object of worship!

If you're going to strip all the skin off your knuckles and ten years off your lifespan over a sports car, shouldn't it be an Italian sports car? Sure, when the conversation turns to you, everyone's sentences will begin with "Let's face it..." but you'll have that soulful Italian beauty waiting for you in your Garage Of Doom! Say, this 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint, which has a totally affordable Buy It Now of $4,599. Oh, it needs some work; the seller has done a fine job of detailing the quagmire challenge that threatens awaits this car's next victim owner. It's been sitting for 23 years. There's rust. There are missing parts. The interior is completely trashed. You get an incorrect- and probably dead- engine and transmission as part of the deal. But look on the bright side: the original windshield-washer reservoir and air-cleaner clamp are still there!

Have you ever heard of a Bond Equipe? Neither had we, until UDMan and SOS10 hipped us to this 1964 Bond Equipe GTS4. Since this car has been on eBay before and no bidder met the reserve, we figure the same thing will happen here; that means you'll be able to swoop in and make an offer the seller won't refuse! The Equipe GTS4 was built on a Triumph Herald chassis (which means that parts are an easy phone call to Britain away), and this example actually runs. It doesn't stop, but you'll deal with that. It appears that most of the original components are still there, and check out the real wood!

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