Pay Your Respects at Japan's Random Muscle-Car Graveyard

Daniel O'Grady, an Australian into exploring old Japanese castles, happened upon this random sadness pile in Kurume City on Kyushu island. It's definitely a five-hanky lot of cars gone to seed, though rife with rusty-muscle-car porn.

Not counting the Suzuki van amid the period iron, the pile includes at least 11 American muscle cars of archeological interest, all from the late 1960s through the 1980s. They're mostly pony cars of the Camaro and Mustang variety.

The Camaros range from what looks to be a badly-rusted 1970 Z28 with the split-bumper RS package and a hugger orange '69 with the low-rent 307ci V8, to a malaise-era junker. A '79 Pontiac Trans Am with T-tops and, assumedly, the W72 Pontiac 400 "T/A 6.6" engine, looks rough, but could be in the best shape of them all.


The Mustangs, ranging from '67-'68 to the early '70s are in the sorriest shape, with two '69s left forlornly under a pile. and two malaise-era Corvettes dot the lot like faded actors. Maybe someone shipped them over from the states with the intent to restore, and either died or just didn't get around to it.

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Brian Stieh

That is why they should keep guys like this out of Japan..they end up turning into drift machines powered by RB26DETT(s)