Paul Newman Thinks The 1984 Nissan Skyline Is Terrific

Paul Newman did a lot of ads for Nissan in addition to racing their cars, and the association went far beyond the usual "big in Japan" deal in which foreigners make major yen for appearing in car ads, then flee back home. Nissan even came out with a Paul Newman Version R30 Skyline, which is featured in one of the trio of '84 ads here.

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For anyone in Connecticut, Mr. Newman is in partnership with another individual (who's name escapes me at this time) running a Volvo / Mazda Store called Connecticut's Own. I met him once when looking to further my so-called career and he was genuine, interesting, and a delight to talk with. Very down to earth, car savvy, with remarkable patience, and a keen business acumen. And he drove in with his highly modified Volvo V70 (with a Ford V-8 under the bonnet!)

How many of today's movie stars, or other celebrities can compare to this Gentleman? They are all trying to impress the easily impressionable with their glitz, and flash. I really miss the truly talented stars.