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Bless their hearts. Paul and Anita Lienert surely don't mean to annoy us so. We're positive they dont. Still, they do. But because we don't want to be a slave to our pettiness, we read their column in a near-religious manner, expecting to one day be enlightened to their double-fisted, midwestern cul-de-sac, androgynously impartial allure. Bless their hearts, they just can't seem to win us over. Yet we read. We read. Oh, and the Cobalt SS? Overpriced, good engine, bad interior, poor list of standard features. Next. [Update: We hang our heads and offer our apologies for confusing Paul with his son Dan, who writes for Forbes. Next time we take cheap shots, we'll be sure to get the names right.]

Fast, furious Cobalt SS has the young set in mind [The Detroit News]

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