You're Patti Engineering. You're the shit and you know it. So what do you do after four awesome years of success? You open a goddamn new office in Texas, that's what.

Patti Engineering, which has been kicking ass in Texas for the last four years straight, is opening a new office. You'd think that would be enough for Michigan-based Patti, but you'd be wrong. You know how these big dogs do, and they do it big.


There's gonna be the blow out party of a century on April 4th to celebrate supremely fucking up the competition. And this isn't just a private party, no sir. Patti Engineering is expecting at least 150 movers and shakers in the manufacturing, oil, and tech industries, not to mention local government big shots at their new Austin office. THEY GONNA GET CRRRUUUUUUUNNNKKKKKK.

That's right, Patti is doing this big and doing this right.

Congrats to four years of basically grabbing the still beating hearts out of your competition in Texas. Here's to four more years of insane domination.