Patrick Dempsey's documentary Racing Le Mans just finished airing on Velocity. It was a pretty good watch. But now he wants to know what you want to see from additional episodes.

Our friend Marshall Pruett over at Racer recently spoke to Dempsey, and he said that they're looking at doing another episode of the show. And he wants the fans to be involved in it:

There is a possibility for us to do a fifth hour. I'd really love to know what the fans would like to see. What would they like to know more of? And then we'll maybe cater it toward them.


It might not have been a documentary for the Grey's Anatomy crowd, but the motorsports community has loved every second of it. It's also great to hear that Patrick wants to know what we want to see.

Leave a comment for Patrick below and on Racer so he knows what you, the people, want to learn next.


Photo Credit: Getty Images