The Ferrari LaFerrari is no doubt a stunning machine, but if you were worried it looked too, uh, traditional for whatever reason, it looks like Ferrari’s Special Projects division is cooking up something weird enough to suit your needs.

The European patent filing featuring the alien mothership of Ferraris was filed in August of 2016, according to CarScoops, and beyond that there isn’t much detail. It’s probably safe to assume this is a special model only fit for a few super rich Ferrari loyalists. The general shape and structure of the car seems to mirror that of the LaFerrari, so it may just be the automaker airing out some weird design flourishes.

What this new car definitely does have over the LaFerrari is some funky bodywork along the body to cut up and take advantage of air flow, with flying buttresses feeding air from the nose over the front fender, down the side and into giant gills just beyond the doors.

The all-black cockpit is a similar cue to the LaFerrari’s design, and the little mouth at the crease of the front of the car is very reminiscent of the Ferrari F50's subtle smile. The overall structure of the front of the car is also similar to Ferrari’s Special Projects division’s other recent work on the J50 Limited Edition, which was based on the Ferrari 488. This new thing is definitely crazier than that, though.

If this new hypercar is in fact based on the LaFerrari, we’ll just have to wait and see if it’s going to adopt any performance upgrades or changes along with its alien looks. I like it when Ferrari keeps the crazy on the car, and not in the name. They already sell the literal Superfast, so what do you call a faster car? The Ferrari Lightspeed? Either way, we’ll probably find out soon enough; Geneva maybe?