You're punished sometimes by watching horror movies. That punishment often comes in the form of terrible storylines or crap acting. If they're really good, the punishment is in the form of noticing how creaky your floors are. Pat Robertson thinks its demons who'll get you.


Mediaite reported Robertson took a question on CBN from someone named Michele, who is clearly concerned about her soul after a recent car crash.

I was watching a horror movie on the recommendation of others. It was rather strange and awfully macabre. And then this past Sunday, I got into an accident leaving church. Did watching a creepy movie cause a curse – or the Lord's protection to be lifted from me? Did I grieve the Holy Spirit by watching this series?

I'm going to say the events are unrelated. But Robertson tells the story of a girl he heard about who was "demon possessed" and how it was caused by this teenage girl watching some "double-X rated movie or whatever it was."


Something makes me think Michele saw Catching Fire and it freaked her out. Or maybe it was The Wolf of Wall Street, which scared me too with its Lamborghini bashing.

Photo: Getty Images