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Cigarettes. People love the stuff. And apparently one man loves cigarettes so much tried to jump out of two commercial airliners just to get some of that sweet, sweet nicotine.

The man was on two planes and caused both of them to be diverted because he just really wanted a smoke. He was reportedly fidgeting and hitting the seat in front of him. On his first flight, he then got up and tried to open the exit door midflight.


I guess he wanted to snag a smoke on the wing?

The flight was diverted to Albuquerque, where the passenger was taken off the plane, questioned by police and the FBI, and then released because he didn't actually open the exit door.

He was rebooked on another flight, which had to be diverted to Kansas City when the man again tried to light a cigarette mid-flight and then tried to "step outside" for a smoke. He was again questioned and released once the plane landed.

Passengers called the man "obnoxious and belligerent." There is no word on how he plans on getting to Chicago, but it might be a smart idea for him to rent a car or something that he can smoke in.


Just a thought.

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