A resident of suburban Melbourne, Australia caused a ruckus in the country when he posted videos of his pet parrot Angus perched on his windshield wipers while driving on the freeway. Now Angus has been forcibly liberated from his chauffeur.

Police and animal control officials raided the home of Justin Lawther, taking Angus and questioning Lawther about the video showing the parrot gripping the wipers of his pickup as he hit 100 kph, or 62 mph. Lawther, who looks like he stepped out of a rehearsal for "Oliver Twist," contended Angus enjoyed the rides, and that "every bird should feel the wind through their feathers."

Those claims are undercut by Lawther's video showing him trying to stop short and throw Angus from the truck. No animal-related charges have been filed against Lawther yet, although Florida may consider legal action for infringing on its copyright for crazy-hick animal stunts.

Hat tip to Brent!