Chevrolet went bare bones when it came time to advertise their redesigned 1967 Impala Sport Coupe. One neurotic spokesperson, a driveway and one brand new Marina Blue Impala Sport Coupe were all it took to create this silly vintage advertisement.

To one Chevrolet Spokesman "new Impala owner" it was clear his full size Chevrolet, even while it was at rest, should never be hidden from view. Enter the "glass garage", a novel concept dreamed up by Chevy's advertising team and put into action by the half mime/half actor seen here.

We have enough experience trying to fit a full size Chevy from this era in a conventional garage to know that this commercial, as silly and unrealistic it may be, is merely illustrating the inevitable disaster of a transparent garage. It's a shame, because 44 years later, the idea of staring at a 1967 Impala Sport Coupe around the clock hasn't gotten any less appealing.