Paris Hilton: Still Dumber Than Shit

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Man, we were all set to look at porn go to bed when the all-knowing, all-glowing Jalopnik brain alerted us to this piece of pseudo-news. Apparently, she ran out of gas in her new Bentley Continental GTC after leaving a hair salon. That's the new convertible Bentley for those who hate alpha-numeric names. What we hate is that, well, if Team Jalopnik had a 550hp drophead Bentley we wouldn't run out of gas anywhere near a barber shop. We'd be on lap 53 at Willow Springs and the empty fuel tank would save our kosher bacon because the lo-pro tires have about seven-minutes left to live. Fine, we'd on our way to the Morongo Casino for some Poker, but you get the idea. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're beat.

Paris Hilton wants to run her brand new Bentley without filling gas! []


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