A plane crash of any sort is pretty nerve-wracking. Doubly so if it's about to crash into your house. But this plane crash in Australia ended surprisingly well, when the pilot deployed his chute. And not just for himself, but for the entire plane.


The Cirrus SR22 is one of the few planes with a parachute recovery system, which shoots a giant parachute out the top of the plane if things start to get a bit dicey. Things started to get dicey when a plane flying over Australia's Blue Mountains started to encounter to some engine trouble, according to The Age, and a local resident saw it coming down:

"It then started to go into a spiral. I thought the pilot was going to eject but it all happened too quick. I started yelling out to my wife 'There's a plane going to crash into the house'

"I was shitting myself then it veered off and crashed about 400 metres away."

That's right, a plane heading straight towards your domicile is so scary that you will begin to defecate, all over.

It's not clear from the rest of the article, however, whether or not the defecation was voluntary. Maybe that's just what people do, in Australia.

As you can see from the video above, the pilot managed to pull the 'chute handle, presumably after the brown incident occurred. The light aircraft ended up landing on a fence, and the only person injured onboard was reported to just have some neck pain.


Prior to 2004, Cirrus' planes had a fatal accident rate that was twice the industry average. By 2013, that fatal accident rate had plummeted (pun intended, obvi) to just 1.01/100,000 hours, well below the industry standard, thanks in large part to the parachute system.

The report does not say whether or not the Cirrus Aircraft Corporation will soon begin to manufacture diapers.


H/t to Brett!

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