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Anyone checking out the Speed channel and watching NASCAR qualifying this evening would have noticed something a bit odd on the hood of Kasey Kahne's car. It's a website — — and if you hit the link you're sent to a cute little caricature of DaimlerChrysler's main man, and keeper of all things "Step 2" — Dr. Dieter Zetsche. What's it mean? We dunno. Will we find out soon? We dunno. Will he cure our std's with a wave of his magic wand? We hope so. Maybe we'll learn more from tomorrow's presser (word on the street is we'll have the new ads up here by 2:00 PM) — but one thing's for sure — we'll never be able to watch old episodes of "Arrested Development" in the same light again. [hat tip to pete!]

The Doctor will be with you shortly... [AskDrZ]

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