Pagani Stereo System Has Zonda Exhaust Bass

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The dragons have definitely perked their ears for this, a Pagani stereo system that features two very conveniently located Zonda-style exhausts. Not surprising, but the entire system is made from aluminum and carbon fiber. I don't have to be the one to tell you that this is mighty sexy, although all of the knobs, platters and buttons in the middle seem to be mighty confusing.


As a stereo system, it is pretty average. The towers contain 350W speakers and a bass speaker that outputs through the Zonda-style exhaust pipes. It includes a dedicated amplifier. Those confusing platters are actually turntables, because Pagani is still living in the 1980s. No word on price, but if you can afford a Zonda, then this purchase shouldn't be too hard on the old pocketbook. [Uncrate]

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Rob Emslie

If I could afford a Zonda, I'm not gonna' be sitting at home listening to records.