Pagani Shows Off C9 Supercar, Espresso Technique

This video appeared today at the domain Deus Venti, bearing the name of Modenadesign in the source code. Modenadesign is the company that builds the Pagani Zonda and Deus Venti means, roughly, "God of the Winds" in latin. It's on.

The video shows the hand of a well-manicured, seemingly Italian, person enjoying a coffee and the newspaper. Then he (or she?) picks up an object bearing a telltale pair of tailpipes.


The very Pagani-like pipes on that mysterious object, plus the mark of Modenadesign, plus the fact that Pagani's already told us the new model will be launched in March (Geneva auto show) add up to a viral video promoting the C9. Pretty sneaky, fratella.

The new Pagani's expected to get an AMG-built twin-turbo, 6.0-liter V12, like that in the SL65 AMG Black Series, producing nearly 700 hp—well into Lamborghini LP700 territory.


(Thanks to Sebastian for the tip!)

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