In the midst of cookie-cutter super cars, Pagani has brought the wildly proportioned, high horsepower hyper car back to reality. But where do they build the madness that is the Zonda? Speedhunters decided to see for themselves.

Buried deep in a non-descript Italian industrial park, the Pagani factory doesn't appear to be the birthplace of carbon fibered devils, but once you make it past the wrought-iron security fence that semblance of reality changes in an instant. The lucky guys at Speedhunters were given exclusive photographic access and a four hour personal tour of the factory including the assembly areas and managed to squeeze off some very delicious looking photos. Head on over to Speedhunters to check out their in-depth three-part article of their experience. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Photo Credit: Dino Dalle Carbonare [via SpeedHunters]