Owner Tracks Down, Films Repair Guy Who Took Her Limited-Edition Camaro For A Joyride

I’m not going to lie and say I own one of the 300 Chevrolet Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Camaros—ha—but I can say if I did, and I found some mechanic taking it for a joyride, I would be pissed. That’s the situation a couple in California found themselves in over the weekend, and, you can guess, it did not go well.

Mari Agredano-Quirino and her husband dropped off the special-edition ride at a dealership for an oil change and work on the air conditioner, only to find their car cruising along the road later that day, according to NBC Los Angeles.

“It was kind of heart-wrenching to see it speed up and down the street,” Quirino said.

After the couple was able to catch up to their vehicle, they confronted the employee at the restaurant’s drive-thru.


The chance encounter happened as they were on their way to lunch.

“As we waited at a signal, we saw a car speeding passed us,” Agredano-Quirono wrote on Facebook. “My husband said, ‘babe I think that was our car.’ So we followed it. He was going so fast we couldn’t even catch up.”

The interaction was captured in a painful clip, with the employee clearly unnerved by Agredano-Quirino’s inquiry. From NBC Los Angeles:

The man remained in the driver’s seat and said Quirino was making him nervous.

“As soon as I said dealership, his eyes got wide open and he turned white as snow,” she said.


The employee offered up that it was just “taking it for a test drive,” she wrote on Facebook, confirming the couple’s fear.


The incident wasn’t disputed by the dealership’s owner. NBC Los Angeles reports that he took to Facebook and said: “This is something that’s embarrassing. This is something we do not condone. I apologize this took place and it will never happen again.”

The owner offered money to compensate for the episode, but the couple declined, NBC Los Angeles reports. I feel like I would’ve too.

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Takuro Spirit

Oh, calm down people typing ‘TYPICAL STEALERSHIP’ into the comments already... I see you. Stop it.

When I was a technician unfortunately test drives are REQUIRED for a lot of repairs. If she was having A/C issues sometimes just idling the car in the shop isn’t going to produce real world results. You need to go out and drive it, and put it under a load, with airflow to the condenser, etc.

So what if on his test drive he stopped for food? I’ve done it. Techs I worked with done it. Therefore THOUSANDS of technicians are doing it.

Poor guy was probably being forced to work through his lunch hour, or was asked by his co-workers to go get food for them. Why he tensed up and started acting like a shit head and not being open and honest I do not know. But the simple fact remains that driving a car is PART OF THE JOB.