Owner Of Lambo Wrecked By Dealer Still Fighting

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Last month, we shared the story of a Canadian Lamborghini Gallardo owner whose car was wrecked by a mechanic during a test drive. The owner's now launching a new press against the dealer, who has yet to take responsibility.

The owner, Greg_van, took his Gallardo into Audi/Porsche Lauzon in Quebec for an alignment, which turned into $60,000 worth of damage when a mechanic spun it into a light pole. While insurance will cover repairs, the owner wanted the dealership to cover some of the car's lost value. Although the two sides had been talking for six weeks, time has run out:

It's now been over 6 weeks and they've ignored every deadline. Every bit of correspondence from their lawyers basically either implied that they weren't liable or that my car was worth very little ... I'm now fed up and am not going to keep quiet about it anymore. I'm basically asking anyone in a position to pressure Lauzon to do so, anyone who is considering buying a Porsche/audi/vw to buy elsewhere, take your car for service elsewhere, and spread the word about how they treat their customers.


We cheer Greg_van for fighting like the breed of bull which lent its name to his vehicle. We hope it does not end the way most bullfights do. [MontrealRacing]