Owen Wilson's Soul Is Trapped in this Cars 2 Car

Cars 2 is coming, which means an unrelenting onslaught of licensed toys. Chief among them is Disney's Lightning McQueen Alive 1:55 scale car—pat it on the head, and it wobbles, shrugs, and—get ready: talks in Owen Wilson's voice.


But perhaps most interestingly (and curiously), it drives itself. In circles. Backwards. Forwards. Looping around, spitting out Owen Wilson one liners and smiling at you. Would this appeal to a child? I don't know. The idea of a toy car that sort of isn't mean to be touched seems strange to me, but as far as cutesy automatons go, it could be worse. The mouth articulation looks pretty good, and I suppose your child and/or cat could get a kick out of chasing it around as it zooms away on its own. But, again—isn't a toy meant to be handled beyond a single tap of a touch sensor?

Toy Fair is the annual event where we get to completely regress back to childhood and check out all of the awesome toys coming out for the rest of the year. And well, we love toys.

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Ah yes Cars, the worst of the Pixar movies. It's the only one that seems like it's just a kids movie to me...